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Redecorating your house?

It’s often a very busy task. You’ll really have to think about what you want your decor to look like. Considering styles, trends and your own preferences is the key to succes! It can be refreshing, but stressful at the same time.

Our shop helps you get started by showing options such as: wallpaperroller blindsdoor stickers and lampshades. You can choose from our photo collection or even use your own unique foto! Whether you like modern, minimalistic, classic or something in between, we have something for everyones taste.

Choose and personalize your living space!

With your own images

Create the environment the way you want! Now you can personalise and customise all kinds of products like wallpaper, roller blinds, door stickers and even lampshades. With your image(s) you can enjoy your memories every day. YouPri creates a very special memory for you! 



Door sticker

Are you creative yourself?

We enjoy working together! With design comes possibilities and being able to turn an idea into a creation. Along with interior stylists, designers or you with your creative input, we are able to print a great experience every single time. If you have an idea or are working on whipping up designs already, but you need a little extra help with finding the right materials and options we can guide and advise you with our knowledge.

So if you have an idea and looking for a partnership; Please let us know! You can email, call or chat with us on a daily basis. We would like to hear from you!


The products we supply are not standard and we therefore try to guide our customers as much as possible. You can visit our FAQ (frequently asked questions page) where you can maybe find your answer. You can contact us by sending an email or chatting online.
Our employees will gladly help you!

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