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YouPri is the official and exclusive European license holder of the Alfred Gockel motifs! The material of artist Alfred Gockel, has been made available for our products. These are uniquely styled with the Alfred Gockel Art prints.

The works of Gockel are typically quirky, modern and ‘one of a kind’. The artist has been inspired by many famous names, but above all, he is also a very well-known artist both in Europe and abroad. You are able to admire his art every day on a lampshade, roller blind, door sticker, and even on a table sticker. These have been carefully put together to artistically enhance your living space.

So if you choose one of our Alfred Gockel art prints, you get something very exceptional and distinctive!

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modern art prints
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Biography Alfred Gockel

Alfred Gockel was born in 1952 near Münster (Germany). In his younger years he worked as a miner and because of this experience he often used homemade tar in his acrylic works. He studied and taught at the Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences in Münster, from 1983 to 2006, ± 130 million open editions of his own artwork published by him were sold to (international) art & design galleries.

In 1990 he bought a screen printing machine and started his collection of abstract, limited original screen prints. From 2003 to today, Alfred gives art history and live painter demonstrations on, among other things, cruise ships, art events and charity auction events with celebrities. From 2008, Alfred mainly focused on etching, wood carving, linoleum and lithography.

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His work

The high quality etchings of Alfred Gockel’s meanwhile approach the craftsmanship of his inspirators.After the varnish layer has been applied, he often paints live canvases large so that visitors can see exclusively at work during his creative process. 

It is great to see how he knows how to inspire his audience with his soft brush strokes, sometimes even with two hands at the same time. Unique brush strokes of a clear color palette characterize his signature. Alfred paints, like a musician, in a “flow” of a soft rhythm. His contemporary signature can be recognized in all his works.

Alfred has also made huge sculptures of 11 x 3 x 7 meters, 8 corners that support a helicopter along the highway of the A1-A2 on an 18-meter hill. Another 4 of his sculptures were then placed along highways.

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