Video tips by YouPri!

Did you buy our pre-pasted wallpaper or are you thinking about doing so? This video gives you a clear vision on how to assamble it. The special thing about this wallpaper is the fact that you only use water. This is because the back of this wallpaper already has an integrated adhesive layer, which is activated after contact with water.

  • the wallpaper is strong and firm,
  • repositioning is possible even during assamblage,
  • simple to assamble,
  • bright colors,
  • appropriate for bed- and other (living) rooms,
  • easy stroke removal,
  • produced in an enviromentally  friendly way and therefore recyclable.
useful assembling tips

You are going to decorate (for the first time)?
Then we recommend you to watch these videos.
The difficult places are not that difficult when you view and follow the tips in the videos.
Good preparation is half of the work.