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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQ (frequently asked questions list) you will find the most frequently asked questions. We can imagine that you want to know more about the product that you would like to get.

Here you can find the most common questions, which our customers have asked us. Do you have a question that is not in this list, then you can contact us for sure. You are able to reach us during working days, by chatting with us online or by sending an e-mail.

Will the wallpaper be made according to the sizes that I specified?2018-09-05T13:21:15+00:00

Every single wallpaper is customized and handmade by us. This means you can indicate a lot yourself! For example the width, lenght, tile with, but you can also notify us about any objects or obstacles that make your desired wallpaper uncommon.

We always take an extra margin of approx. 5 cm into account. That means the wallpaper is overall 5 cm larger, so that any wrong measurements and / or slanted walls can be intercepted, making the wallpaper just too narrow or too short.
Our advice is always to look carefully in advance where and how you start to prevent the image from being (completely) out of place.

If you have further specific requests, you can, of course, contact us.

Why should I check the product directly after receiving it?2018-09-03T13:48:39+00:00

YouPri does its utmost to deliver the product as well as possible. However, sometimes a product gets damaged during transport. That is, of course, very bothersome.


It is crucial to check your product thoroughly after receiving it. If there is any damage to the package, we request that you notify us within 48 hours after receiving your order. The easiest way to do so is to make multiple pictures of the packaging and the (damaged) product. You can then send those pictures via mail (info@youpri.nl). Without pictures of the packaging and(!) the damaged product we can unfortunately not process your report.

You will receive a message from us within 3 working days, after we’ve reviewed your photos.

After 48 hours

If you report the damage to the product after 48 hours (after receiving your product), we will unfortunately no longer be able to process your complaint.

Why do I have to choose the tile width?2018-06-25T08:44:10+00:00

By default, the strokes are approximately 50 cm, depending on the size of the image. This is an easy size for assembling the wallpaper. If you are an advanced assembler, it is also possible to assemble the wallpaper in wider strokes (from 100 cm and up). Seams will be less visible because of this. We recommend assembling with more than one person when strokes are wider than 50 cm.

Why do I choose pre-pasted wallpaper?2018-03-02T14:15:37+00:00

We offer different types of wallpaper. The pre-pasted wallpaper has an intergrated adhesive layer. This is activated when in contact with water(!). What this means is that you do NOT need a wallpaper adhesive, which makes pre-pasted wallpaper very easy to work with. Suitable for (very) smooth surfaces, which means your wall has to be uniform. If this is not the case, bumps and such will be visible. The print is projected bright and sharp on this type of wallpaper.


  • Walls painted with latex
  • Wall pannels even when made of plastic
  • Do-it-yourself and professionals

Not suitable for:

  • Assembling on top of glass fiber wallpaper or non-woven wallpaper
  • Assembling on a surface that has been in contact with silocons

Still need some more information; let us know, we’d be glad to help.

Why do I choose non-woven wallpaper?2018-03-02T14:02:17+00:00

The non-woven wallpaper is available in several textures, smooth, rough and leatherlook. You assemble the wallpaper by using non-woven wallpaper adhesive on the wall(!). Because of the textures in the wallpaper, the print gets a little spark. The smooth texture can be described as non-woven wallpaper with a fabric like look, the rough texture is a non-woven wallpaper that looks like it has brush stripes on it. The leatherlook is a non-woven wallpaper that looks like leather. For any interior there is a type of wallpaper that just fits! You can wipe the non-woven wallpaper with a (slightly) damp cloth.

  • Walls painted with latex
  •  Wall panels even when made of plastic
Not recommended, but possible:
  • Assembling on top of glass fiber wallpaper or non-woven wallpaper

While working on some projects, we assemble on top of this wallpaper ourselves, but it certainly does NOT have our preference! The adhesion of the material is always a difficult factor to estimate. You only know for sure whether it will stay, when you check the next day …

IF you decide you still want to do this, our advice is to use a distinctively well adhesive wallpaper glue. And to apply it to the wall in strokes and (if necessary) add a little more, just before assembling a stroke of non-woven wallpaper.

 Assembling YouPri non-woven wallpaper over glass fiber- or non-woven wallpaper is completely at your own risk.

Not possible:

  •  Assembling the wallpaper on a surface where Silicones are processed

Do you still want more information; let us know, we’d be glad to help you.


Why choose for extra protection?2018-03-07T13:28:16+00:00

While ordering you can indicate if you want the door sticker to be laminated, either shiny or matte. This is an extra protective layer. It ensures that the sticker has more protection against external influences. Of course the usefulness of the protective coat depends on the degree and how the sticker is used.

Why are wallpaper seams visible?2018-09-05T12:52:04+00:00

The wallpaper consists of multiple strips of wallpaper. These are cut into lanes. The wallpaper base is always white. This means that with a dark image, wallpaper seams will always be more visible than with images that are light. This also has to do with how well the wallpaper is applied.


If you have chosen a dark wallpaper, keep the surface in mind. Perhaps it is wise to first provide the surface with a color that matches the wallpaper, so that in case of shrinkage, a white background is not immediately visible.

When will I receive my order?2018-09-04T14:43:03+00:00

We collect the orders for sufficiancy. We actually produce everything on our own!

The delivery time is approx. 5 – 7 working days. For products such as: wallpaper, roller blinds and products with your own image(s) the delivery time applies after approval of the digital proof. If the proof is not approved before Thursday at noon, your order will be scheduled one week later for production. That means that the dispatch date also automatically shifts.

If your order, for whatever reason, can not be delivered on time, you will be notified in advance.


Mail, call (+31) 0172 230641 or chat with us online.

What should I pay attention to when I order wallpaper ?2018-03-02T11:33:39+00:00

When you order wallpaper, it is of great importance to get all the meassurements correct. So from wall to wall and the height of the wall. Do this accurately, that prevents the wallpaper from being too short or too long.

What should I do before I start applying the wallpaper?2018-09-05T13:41:51+00:00

Our advise is to prepare yourself well before you start! Read the instructions that are included carefully.

This means, among other things, that you first pre-treat the wall, possibly with a special primer. Obviously remove all unevenness. If you do not do this, there is a high probability you will see this through the wallpaper.

  • We advise to use a white, smooth surface to prevent any unwanted hints to show through.
  • Therefore, we strongly recommend to cover the floor well to avoid damage.
  • Use a sharp (!) knife to to cut off the excess wallpaper.

YouPri is not liable for no or incorrect pre-treatment of walls or not covering the floor, which could cause damage.

What material is the table cloth made of?2018-09-05T11:22:55+00:00

The table cloth has a topside that is similar to sail (the difference being a soft feeling) and a back that is characterized as non-woven cotton (feels like molton).

What kind of material is the roller blind made of?2018-03-07T08:07:00+00:00

The roller blind mechanism is made of offwhite plastic. The chain is made of metal and has a metallic look. Depending on what you prefer the bottombar can be made of plastic or aluminium.

Translucent cloth:
  • 100% polyester
  • weights 190 gr/m2
  • has a thickness of 0.35 mm.

  • free of PVC

  • Fire resistent class B1
  • Recyclable and produced in an enviromentally friendly way
Darkening cloth:
  • 100% polyester
  • weights 293 gr/m2
  • has a thickness of 0.38 mm.
  • free of PVC
  • Fire resistent class B1
  • Recyclable and produced in an enviromentally friendly way
  • Both one-sided and double-sided printing is possible.


What kind of material is the lampshade made of?2018-03-07T09:00:30+00:00

The lampshade is made of plastic and fabric. This is a great mix, because it makes the lampshade look like fabric, but is still very firm.

What kind of material is the door sticker made of?2018-03-02T11:44:05+00:00

The material is ‘ bubble free ‘ pvc. The name says it all. It applies without creating bubbles. However, we advise you to read through the description well in advance. The door sticker can – and should- be applied step by step.

What is the height of the lampshade?2018-05-15T12:00:25+00:00

The height of the lampshade is determined by the diameter. Below is a diagram of the diameters / height.

Ø 20 cm – height approximately 16 cm
Ø 30 cm – height approximately 20 cm
Ø 40 cm – height approximately 22 cm
Ø 50 cm – height approximately 24 cm
Ø 60 cm – height approximately 26 cm
Ø 70 cm – height approximately 28 cm
Ø 80 cm – height approximately 30 cm
Ø 90 cm – height approximately 32 cm

Every lampshade is hand made by us. That means we are able to produce different heights. So if you want/need a different height; let us know! We will take this into account to the best of our abbility.

What if I made a mistake in the order?2018-03-07T11:28:03+00:00

Please contact us directly and call +31 (0) 172 230641. As stated, all products are custom made. If you have made a mistake, we may be able to rectify this. If the assignment has already been carried out, we unfortunately can’t take responsibility for the extra costs that have to be incurred. This is for the account of the customer.

What do I have to prepare?2018-03-02T14:25:03+00:00

Our advice is to prepare yourself well before anything else! Read the instructions that were included carefully.

This entails, among other things, that you prepare the wall first, possibly with a special adhesive. Of course you have to remove all irregularities. If you don’t, you’ll be able to see this through it.

  • We reccomend to use a white, smooth surface to prevent any hinting.
  • Cover up the floor (!) to avoid damage.
  • Use a sharp (new) knife to remove any excess wallpaper.

 YouPri is not liable for any failure or incorrect pre-treatment of walls or walls or not covering the floor, which could damage could occur.

What do I have to pay attention to for measuring the roller blind?2018-03-07T08:32:09+00:00

When you choose for ‘in the day’ (= in the frame), a ‘stripe’ of light can simmer through the window and the frame into the room. Especially when you want to have little light coming into the room, it’s reccomended to assemble the roller blind ‘on the day’ (= on the frame).

Don’t forget to consider any obstacles, like:  window sills, a latch or extension arms. Measuring = knowing! Checking beforehand saves a lot of annoyance afterwards. Preparing yourself is half of the work.

Roller blind mounting instructions2018-09-05T11:18:58+00:00
mounting instruction roller blind

mounting instruction roller blind

Lampshade print inside?2018-03-07T13:31:49+00:00

We can also print the inside of the lampshade. This will give a unique touch to the lampshade. You can indicate in the order under the additional remarks section that you want the printing on the inside.

Is the door sticker easy to apply?2018-03-02T12:23:49+00:00

Yes, the sticker is fairly easy to apply. It however, is of great importance that the door is smooth and degreased properly to ensure a good adhesion. Always read the intructions (that are included) before assembling. Take your time and preparation is half of the work!

Is it possible to order the wallpaper in black and white?2018-03-02T12:29:36+00:00

Yes! When you order, there is a section ‘additional remarks’ where you can indicate your preference for getting the wallpaper printed in black & white. First we send you a digital proof, that you can approve of. After your confirmation, the proces of making your wallpaper starts.

Is a print on screen and printed the same?2018-11-09T12:30:22+00:00

No, unfortunately we cannot print exactly the same as what you see on the screen. This has to do with the settings of your screen. These are different per monitor. Print colors are always different with respect to the screen.

How do I measure the roller blind?2018-03-07T08:18:38+00:00

To determine the dimensions of the roller blind, it’s important to deside if you want the roller blind to be ‘in the day’ (= in the frame) or ‘on the day’ (on the frame).

Afterwards you meassure the total width and height of your desired roller blind in cm. We then produce the cloth with the customized size for free. You will always receive a digital proof first, so if the sizes differ, you can always let us know.

How do I know if my photo has a good quality?2018-07-02T09:59:27+00:00

If you want a photo to be enlarged, it is important that you can judge the resolution of your photo. The larger the print becomes, the more megapixels are needed for a sharp result.

There are many misunderstandings about concepts like ‘resolution’ and ‘pixels’.


The quality of a photo depends on the number of pixels. The resolution of a photo print is expressed in pixels per inch or pixels per centimeter. That is how you  measure for (technical) quality.

Important! The resolution that your camera gives to the photos in the EXIF information (for example 72 or 90) is a fabricated number and has no value whatsoever. A digital photo file has only pixels and no size in inches or centimeters. And therefore no pixels per inch or centimeter. A digital file only gets resolution when it is printed.


A pixel is the smallest part (image point) of a digital photo. It is important to know that a pixel has no fixed size until it is printed. The size at which the photo is printed determines the size of the pixel. The more pixels in a smaller space, the smaller they are and the sharper the photo. That’s why you need more pixels for a sharp print on a larger size. With a low-resolution image, the pixels are very large and you see this in the square blocks (pixelation).

  • Click on the images below for an enlargement. Both images are made up at 15×15 cm. You see that the second image is less sharp. This is because there are fewer pixels for the same dimensions. Result: the pixels are larger (and even visible to the eye).
Image made at 300 pixels / inch
Image made at 72 pixels / inch

Only by the number of pixels in an image can we see if a photo file is large enough.

It is not advisable to add extra pixels to your image with Photoshop, for example, in order to achieve a higher resolution. This does not improve the quality of the image and is unnecessary in many cases.

Eh, what?

We understand that this is difficult, sometimes photos look nice enough to print on large formats and then it turns out to be disappointing. Hence we review your file for FREE. Send your digital file via this link, with the product you would like to use it for, the desired format and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Upload max. 3 images for a free photo check!
How do I know if I have to order a hanging or standing lampshade?2018-03-07T09:06:21+00:00
A hanging lamp shade is for a lamp fitting hanging from the ceiling. A floor lamp shade is for a fitting on a lamp base. The lamp base is not included when you order a standing lamp.
How do I know if a photo can be used for the offered products?2018-06-25T12:15:16+00:00

When you want to print a photo enlarged, it is important that you can review the resolution of your picture. The bigger the print, the more megapixels you need for a sharp, bright result. In the image below you will find an overview about the amount of megapixels (and such) a increased print needs on average. If you have questions, you can always send us your digital file via WeTransfer or via this link , we then will review your picture(s) FOR FREE.

For which surfaces can I use the door sticker?2018-03-02T12:24:00+00:00

A door sticker can be applied to several, well pre-treated (!) surfaces. For example panel doors or plastic doors. It however, is of great importance that the door is smooth and degreased properly to ensure a good adhesion. We recommend not to apply a doorsticker on untreateded wood. Because the structure doesn’t allow the door sticker to attach to the surface or it does so, but insufficiently. Are you not sure if the door sticker can be stuck on a certain surface? We’re glad to help. You can call, chat online with us or send a mail to info@youpri.nl

Environmental friendly2018-03-07T12:58:47+00:00

With the odorless water-based HP Latex inks we print without burdening the environment. Latex inks meet the most stringent eco standards, including UL ECOLOGO, UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certfied Inks.

In addition, we take the use of our materials into account in our production process. We reuse boxes, plastic and other packaging materials as much as possible. Our aim is to make the entire production line as environmentally friendly as possible.

Different types of non-woven wallpaper what does that mean?2018-03-02T14:02:23+00:00

The smooth texture can be described as non-woven wallpaper with a fabric like look, the rough texture is a non-woven wallpaper that looks like it has brush stripes on it. The leatherlook is a non-woven wallpaper that looks like leather. For the rest the non-woven wallpapers have the same characteristics. For more informatio you can look at “Why do I choose non-woven wallpaper?”

Child safety & roller blinds2018-07-02T14:34:46+00:00

Stringent safety requirements apply to roller blinds with a chain. Everyday objects can pose a potential danger for (young) children, including the chain of roller blinds. Our roller blinds therefore comply with the safety regulations according to the EU standard. The standards concern the maximum length of the control chains.

Window coverings with loose hanging control chains involve certain risks for (young) children. Young children may get entangled due to loops in chains for operating the product. Buyers and users must be aware of the risks.

The following warnings must be observed:

  • Young children can get entangled in the loop of chains with which the product is operated. They can also wrap chains around their throats.
    Keep chains out of the reach of (young) children to prevent strangulation and entanglement.
  • The chains can become entangled around the neck of the child.
  • Do not place beds, cots and furniture near window covering cords.
  • Do not tie chains together. Ensure that chains do not twist into each other and form a loop.
Chain left of right?2018-03-07T09:55:55+00:00

Our roller blinds can be operated with both the left and the right side. You can apply the chain yourself on the left or right side.

Can the wallpaper shrink?2018-06-29T14:36:50+00:00

(non-woven) wallpaper can shrink slightly due to temperature differences. If you have a dark (non-woven) wallpaper on a white surface, the seams will immediately stand out.

How do I solve it?

There is no real solution to this problem. You have to prevent it. In the first place, avoid large temperature differences before and after assembling. Also avoid drafts – for example through an open window – during assembling. Another tip to avoid open seams: first place a primer in the color of the wallpaper. In case the wallpaper shrinks a little bit, you will not notice the seams as much.

Can the door sticker be used outside?2018-03-02T11:35:11+00:00

Yes! The sticker is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is important that the door sticker is applied well. At loose edges there may be moisture behind the material which will cause the material to get loose.

Can I wash the table cloth?2018-09-05T12:01:57+00:00

You can’t(!) wash the table cloth, you can however use a (slightly) damp cloth to wipe it clean.

Can I return my ordered product(s)?2018-03-07T13:24:21+00:00

You cannot return your product(s) without a good reason. You ordered something, that we customized and that was made by hand. The rules for revocation are different in this respect from the rules of consumer sales. Read below:

When do you not have reflection time?

You don’t have reflection time with:

  • Products that you have specially made, for example a tailor-made suit, printed matter, a photo album or jewelery to your own design. (source:Consumentenbond)

We do not ‘pull products from a rack’. Every product that we have in our webshop is made by hand, according to the specifications that you have indicated in the order menu. The revocation/cancellation rules are therefore not applicable in this case.

Nevertheless, we are always prepared, in exceptional cases, to think along with you. We stand for our product and have noticed that our quality / delivery / service by customers is experienced as very good. Also see our Trust Trademark reviews.

Can I order my wallpaper with overlap?2018-09-05T11:57:42+00:00

If you want wallpaper with overlap, you can state this separately in your order. We don’t mention this in our forms as not everyone knows what is meant by overlap. An experienced decorator will be able to assemble this and knows what to do. In the order form you can specify “print wallpaper with 2 cm overlap” with a comment.

Can I get the image in black and white for the lampshade?2018-03-07T09:13:07+00:00

Yes you can! You can indicate in the order (in the additional remarks section) that you want the image in black and white. We will first send you a digital proof that you can then approve of. After your confirmation the process for making your lampshade starts.