Stringent safety requirements apply to roller blinds with a chain. Everyday objects can pose a potential danger for (young) children, including the chain of roller blinds. Our roller blinds therefore comply with the safety regulations according to the EU standard. The standards concern the maximum length of the control chains.

Window coverings with loose hanging control chains involve certain risks for (young) children. Young children may get entangled due to loops in chains for operating the product. Buyers and users must be aware of the risks.

The following warnings must be observed:

  • Young children can get entangled in the loop of chains with which the product is operated. They can also wrap chains around their throats.
    Keep chains out of the reach of (young) children to prevent strangulation and entanglement.
  • The chains can become entangled around the neck of the child.
  • Do not place beds, cots and furniture near window covering cords.
  • Do not tie chains together. Ensure that chains do not twist into each other and form a loop.