If you want a photo to be enlarged, it is important that you can judge the resolution of your photo. The larger the print becomes, the more megapixels are needed for a sharp result.

There are many misunderstandings about concepts like ‘resolution’ and ‘pixels’.


The quality of a photo depends on the number of pixels. The resolution of a photo print is expressed in pixels per inch or pixels per centimeter. That is how you  measure for (technical) quality.

Important! The resolution that your camera gives to the photos in the EXIF information (for example 72 or 90) is a fabricated number and has no value whatsoever. A digital photo file has only pixels and no size in inches or centimeters. And therefore no pixels per inch or centimeter. A digital file only gets resolution when it is printed.


A pixel is the smallest part (image point) of a digital photo. It is important to know that a pixel has no fixed size until it is printed. The size at which the photo is printed determines the size of the pixel. The more pixels in a smaller space, the smaller they are and the sharper the photo. That’s why you need more pixels for a sharp print on a larger size. With a low-resolution image, the pixels are very large and you see this in the square blocks (pixelation).

  • Click on the images below for an enlargement. Both images are made up at 15×15 cm. You see that the second image is less sharp. This is because there are fewer pixels for the same dimensions. Result: the pixels are larger (and even visible to the eye).
Image made at 300 pixels / inch
Image made at 72 pixels / inch

Only by the number of pixels in an image can we see if a photo file is large enough.

It is not advisable to add extra pixels to your image with Photoshop, for example, in order to achieve a higher resolution. This does not improve the quality of the image and is unnecessary in many cases.

Eh, what?

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