The non-woven wallpaper is available in several textures, smooth, rough and leatherlook. You assemble the wallpaper by using non-woven wallpaper adhesive on the wall(!). Because of the textures in the wallpaper, the print gets a little spark. The smooth texture can be described as non-woven wallpaper with a fabric like look, the rough texture is a non-woven wallpaper that looks like it has brush stripes on it. The leatherlook is a non-woven wallpaper that looks like leather. For any interior there is a type of wallpaper that just fits! You can wipe the non-woven wallpaper with a (slightly) damp cloth.

  • Walls painted with latex
  •  Wall panels even when made of plastic
Not recommended, but possible:
  • Assembling on top of glass fiber wallpaper or non-woven wallpaper

While working on some projects, we assemble on top of this wallpaper ourselves, but it certainly does NOT have our preference! The adhesion of the material is always a difficult factor to estimate. You only know for sure whether it will stay, when you check the next day …

IF you decide you still want to do this, our advice is to use a distinctively well adhesive wallpaper glue. And to apply it to the wall in strokes and (if necessary) add a little more, just before assembling a stroke of non-woven wallpaper.

 Assembling YouPri non-woven wallpaper over glass fiber- or non-woven wallpaper is completely at your own risk.

Not possible:

  •  Assembling the wallpaper on a surface where Silicones are processed

Do you still want more information; let us know, we’d be glad to help you.