Is a print on screen and printed the same?

No, unfortunately we cannot print exactly the same as what you see on the screen. This has to do with the settings of your screen. These are different per monitor. Print colors are always different with respect to the screen.

Can the door sticker be used outside?

Yes! The sticker is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is important that the door sticker is applied well. At loose edges there may be moisture behind the material which will cause the material to get loose.

Why choose for extra protection?

While ordering you can indicate if you want the door sticker to be laminated, either shiny or matte. This is an extra protective layer. It ensures that the sticker has more protection against external influences. Of course the usefulness of the protective coat depends on the degree and how the sticker is used. [...]

What kind of material is the door sticker made of?

The material is ' bubble free ' pvc. The name says it all. It applies without creating bubbles. However, we advise you to read through the description well in advance. The door sticker can - and should- be applied step by step.

For which surfaces can I use the door sticker?

A door sticker can be applied to several, well pre-treated (!) surfaces. For example panel doors or plastic doors. It however, is of great importance that the door is smooth and degreased properly to ensure a good adhesion. We recommend not to apply a doorsticker on untreateded wood. Because the structure doesn't allow the [...]

Is the door sticker easy to apply?

Yes, the sticker is fairly easy to apply. It however, is of great importance that the door is smooth and degreased properly to ensure a good adhesion. Always read the intructions (that are included) before assembling. Take your time and preparation is half of the work!

How do I know if my photo has a good quality?

If you want a photo to be enlarged, it is important that you can judge the resolution of your photo. The larger the print becomes, the more megapixels are needed for a sharp result. There are many misunderstandings about concepts like 'resolution' and 'pixels'. Resolution The quality of a photo depends on the number [...]

How do I know if a photo can be used for the offered products?

When you want to print a photo enlarged, it is important that you can review the resolution of your picture. The bigger the print, the more megapixels you need for a sharp, bright result. In the image below you will find an overview about the amount of megapixels (and such) a increased print needs [...]

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