Is a print on screen and printed the same?

No, unfortunately we cannot print exactly the same as what you see on the screen. This has to do with the settings of your screen. These are different per monitor. Print colors are always different with respect to the screen.

Lampshade print inside?

We can also print the inside of the lampshade. This will give a unique touch to the lampshade. You can indicate in the order under the additional remarks section that you want the printing on the inside.

What is the height of the lampshade?

The height of the lampshade is determined by the diameter. Below is a diagram of the diameters / height. Ø 20 cm – height approximately 16 cm Ø 30 cm – height approximately 20 cm Ø 40 cm – height approximately 22 cm Ø 50 cm – height approximately 24 cm Ø 60 cm – height approximately 26 cm [...]

Can I get the image in black and white for the lampshade?

Yes you can! You can indicate in the order (in the additional remarks section) that you want the image in black and white. We will first send you a digital proof that you can then approve of. After your confirmation the process for making your lampshade starts.

How do I know if my photo has a good quality?

If you want a photo to be enlarged, it is important that you can judge the resolution of your photo. The larger the print becomes, the more megapixels are needed for a sharp result. There are many misunderstandings about concepts like 'resolution' and 'pixels'. Resolution The quality of a photo depends on the number [...]

How do I know if a photo can be used for the offered products?

When you want to print a photo enlarged, it is important that you can review the resolution of your picture. The bigger the print, the more megapixels you need for a sharp, bright result. In the image below you will find an overview about the amount of megapixels (and such) a increased print needs [...]

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