Is a print on screen and printed the same?

No, unfortunately we cannot print exactly the same as what you see on the screen. This has to do with the settings of your screen. These are different per monitor. Print colors are always different with respect to the screen.

Chain left of right?

Our roller blinds can be operated with both the left and the right side. You can apply the chain yourself on the left or right side.

What do I have to pay attention to for measuring the roller blind?

When you choose for ‘in the day’ (= in the frame), a 'stripe' of light can simmer through the window and the frame into the room. Especially when you want to have little light coming into the room, it's reccomended to assemble the roller blind 'on the day' (= on the frame). Don't forget to [...]

How do I measure the roller blind?

To determine the dimensions of the roller blind, it's important to deside if you want the roller blind to be 'in the day' (= in the frame) or 'on the day' (on the frame). Afterwards you meassure the total width and height of your desired roller blind in cm. We then produce the [...]

What kind of material is the roller blind made of?

The roller blind mechanism is made of offwhite plastic. The chain is made of metal and has a metallic look. Depending on what you prefer the bottombar can be made of plastic or aluminium. Translucent cloth: 100% polyester weights 190 gr/m2 has a thickness of 0.35 mm. free of PVC Fire resistent class B1 [...]

How do I know if my photo has a good quality?

If you want a photo to be enlarged, it is important that you can judge the resolution of your photo. The larger the print becomes, the more megapixels are needed for a sharp result. There are many misunderstandings about concepts like 'resolution' and 'pixels'. Resolution The quality of a photo depends on the number [...]

How do I know if a photo can be used for the offered products?

When you want to print a photo enlarged, it is important that you can review the resolution of your picture. The bigger the print, the more megapixels you need for a sharp, bright result. In the image below you will find an overview about the amount of megapixels (and such) a increased print needs [...]

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