No idea how to decorate your home? Maybe our suggestions will help. We keep an eye on new patterns/photos on a daily basis and follow them closely. We enjoy being creative! Our team consists of enthusiastic professionals who like to look at interior styling with a fresh eye.

Which type of styling matches you?

The ‘classic rural type’ likes a romantic style and often opts for natural colors. The furniture possesses something nostalgic, and coziness is very important. Old wood, parquet and (leaf/flower) patterns decorate the space. The accessories are elegant and stylishly chosen and fit the interior. This type likes to surround themselves with memories (photos), paintings and opts for a cozy atmosphere.

The ‘modern type’ likes minimalism in and around the house. Clean lines and close to no ‘frills’ to create peace in the room is what they prefer. Often, white, gray, and earth tones are chosen. Combined with modern furniture in white, black or gray. You will see very little color in this atmosphere. This type chooses to radiate calmth. Accessories, such as cushions, are completely tuned to the modern, minimalist style.

The ‘trendy type’ can be characterized by being style-sensitive. Follows the trends on the last foot and can, therefore, go in different directions. Vintage, modern, classic, you will often see a mix of different styles in this type. It has something quirky and creativity often flows in the space. A choice is made for a few defining pieces of furniture and striking elements. The accessories stand out and are often vivid.

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