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Door sticker From € 18

  • The protection will give the door sticker extra protection aqainst damp and scratches.
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How to apply a door sticker

Door sticker application instructions

You are going to decorate your door (for the first time)?

Then we recommend you to watch this animation instruction.

The difficult places are not that difficult when you view and follow the tips in the videos.

Good preparation is half of the work!

Other instructions

We first removed the door from its frame.

Here you can clearly see that the door really needed a refurbishment.

The cutting board was our ‘squeegee’ for smoothing the sticker over the door, and neatly apply it.

We used the slats to put the sticker on for a while and it works fine as long as they stay nice and straight. At the hinges, a bit of trimming might be needed.

That was a speedy task!

We really like that, little effort with great results!

Have a look! The sticker is on the door, we’re very pleased.

Product information Door sticker

The door sticker is made of a self-adhesive bubble free vinyl.

By default you choose only a door sticker. For places where people / children pass and there might be more chance of damage to the door sticker, we recommend that the door sticker be provided with a scratch-resistant layer. You can choose from a matt or glossy laminate.

The image will be scaled to the format specified by you.

Other information:
  • If your door is wider than 120 cm, the door sticker will be delivered in several jobs.
  • We use full color inks for the print. The light / white colors are always mixed. It is therefore possible that the “white color” is not really white but has a “blue” or more “yellow” glow. Dark, black colors are also mixed. That means that black is never 100% black, but approximately.
  • The images and colors on the webshop are indicative. Screen colors are not the same as print colors, they may differ (!) Unfortunately, no rights can be derived from the images and colors that we display in our webshop.
  • Suitable for smooth surfaces (not on untreated wood). The door should be very smooth. If this is not the case, the irregularities are visible.
  • The surface on which the door sticker is stuck must be properly prepared and made grease-free due to the adhesion of the material.


  • Printed with extra margin. You can cut this away after applying the door sticker by using a sharp knife.
  • Easy to attach with a squeegee (to be ordered separately)

  • Clean with a (damp) cloth.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Pay attention…
  • First treat the surface well! It is important for the application of the door sticker, because of the adhesion of the door sticker.
  • We advise you to view the assembly animation instruction.
  • Door stickers without a protective layer are vulnerable during application.
  • Our advice is to apply this with a suitable squeegee.
  • Door stickers with or without protective coating cannot be returned.
  • This product is tailor-made for the customer.
  • YouPri is not liable for improper pretreatment, application or application of the door sticker. This is entirely at your own risk.
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