Roller blind Wild Africa

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This roller blind wild africa gives your interior a unique look and brings that colorful atmosphere you’re looking for!

You are able to indicate the measurements yourself. YouPri tailors roller blind wild africa for you with care. This makes it suitable for every (living) space!

Ordering on is really easy. In the ordering menu, you can indicate your desired measurements and material. After you have placed your order, you will receive a FREE digital proof, so you know exactly what you ordered before it is produced.


How do I order my roller blind wild africa?

You can indicate the exact sizes for your Roller blind Wild Africa, taking the outsides of the mounting brackets into account. The roller blind canvas (without the mounting brackets) is approx. 3 centimetres smaller.

In the frame

This means your roller blind hangs between the frame. If you opt for this option, measure the inner sides of the frame. Bear in mind that there is a small opening between the fabric and the frame so that a ‘stripe’ of light can, slightly, fall inwards. Especially when you absolutely do not want to have light seeping in from the outside, this is important to determine in advance whether you want to mount the roller blind ‘in the day’ or ‘on the frame’.

On the frame

You place the roller blind ‘on top’ of the frame. The system then rolls past the frame. You measure the outer dimensions of the frame. When measuring, also pay attention to any ‘obstacles’, so that the roller blind can hang freely, without bumping into things.

Other specifications

The system including the hanging mechanism (suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting) weighs about 0.8 kg. You can hang the (silver coloured) chain both on the left and right side. The colour of the mechanism is off white. The more the material lets light through, the more you are able to see the image on the backside. You can’t wash the roller blind, but you can wipe it with a slightly damp cloth.

The chosen image

After you have decided on an image, you can indicate your desired material and measurements in the ordering menu. The bottom lath is ‘a finish’ of the product. By default, the material is processed around the plastic bottom bar. The print runs as it were, but might warp a bit, so the bottom bar is hardly visible. The other option is to choose an aluminum bottom bar. This is completely visible.

After you place your order you always receive a free digital proof. Only after you have approved, we produce your roller blind. Everything is customized and made by hand. That way you can indicate exactly how you want it.


Do you have a very specific question about the roller blinds or your image(s)? Our employees would love to help you. We however regularly get questions about our products and the possibilities. In our FAQ (frequently asked questions list) you will find the most frequently asked questions. Maybe the answer you are looking for is already there?

Contact us?

You can contact us via phone from Monday till Friday or send an email to
You can also chat online during working days and hours.

Roller blinds specifications

Order your unique roller blind

It’s very important to measure precisely, as it will be customized. Don’t forget to think about the way you want it to hang! If you want it to hang ‘in the day’ (between the frame) or ‘on the day’ (on top of the frame). Indicate both the width and the height of the whole roller blind.
This means, the roller blind with the mechanism included!
The mechanism (mounting brackets included), is approx. 3,5 cm. Indicate the measurements of your rollerblind after you chose your image. Afterwards you can indicate your desired transparency for your roller blind.

After you placed your order, you will always receive a FREE digital proof before your roller blind is produced.

Useful facts…

The translucent fabric of the roller blind is 150 gr/m² thick and 100% polyester. The darkening fabric is 280 gr/m² thick and has a very high light reduction when the roller blind is mounted ‘on the day’. If you mount it ‘in the day’ light can still come in through the sides. It is therefore important to determine in advance how the roller blind should be attached.

How does the system look?

The system is off-white in color and has a chain that has a ‘metal look’. You can opt for a plastic bottom bar which the fabric is wrapped around or an aluminum bottom bar.

Unique and very special

Do you want to enjoy the beautiful photo print on both sides? Then a double-sided roller blind might be your dream come true!

Delivery details

Information about roller blind shipping

Roller blinds with a maximum width of 170 centimeters are sent via MyParcel.

Extra shipping costs for shipping >170 cm.

Special transport is used for roller blinds wider than 170 centimeters. This means that different rates apply.

Pick up

You can also pick up the roller blind, by appointment, in our showroom.

Shipping outside The Netherlands

YouPri also handles shipments outside of the Netherlands. Contact us by telephone without obligation on +31 172 230641.

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