Sticker Cute polar bear

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Sticker From €22,95 (h)

  • Please enter a number from 60 to 150.
  • With sticker height we mean the height (size) of the sticker. The width of the sticker is scaled proportionally based on the height you specify.
  • A squeegee is a handy tool to help you apply the sticker. This allows you to smooth out the sticker and thus secure it on the surface.
  • It may speak for itself, but to be able to apply the sticker properly, a smooth and grease-free surface is needed. Otherwise the sticker can not adhere and will let go.

    It is therefore always important to treat the surface well. You can use a so-called Surface cleaner. This is a product to make the surface grease-free.

    Stickers do not attach everywhere. Before you start to apply a sticker, always check whether the surface is suitable.

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