Table sticker Concrete pattern 7

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Give your table a 2nd chance! This customized table sticker concrete pattern 7 will give your table a totally new look.

That table that you can’t ‘discard’ but could really use a ‘pick me up’? Painting is an option, but is that what you’re looking for? For all those who can think out of the box and are super creative, the table sticker concrete pattern 7 is the ideal solution for your table!


Want to give that boring table a different look? A table sticker concrete pattern 7 will give your table a complete make over!

Are there dents or scratches in the table top, but you don’t want to discard your table yet? Too bad, but there is a solution! You can give the table a second life with this table sticker concrete pattern 7.

The table stickers from YouPri are of a high quality, easy to process and even weatherproof.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Decide the measurements of the table sticker yourself.
  • Weather proof, and therefore suitable for interior and exterior use.
  • With a protective coating, very scratch resistant.
  • Bubble free, so you can apply it yourself.

Suitable for which table(s)?

When you have a table with a smooth structure, the table sticker is the prettiest. The fewer ‘bumps and lumps’, the fewer imperfections you will see. If your table top has many notches, cut outs or cut edges, it is more difficult to get the sticker into place. This requires some applying experience!

How durable is the table sticker?

That depends on usage. For normal use the table stickers can last for years. More intensive use (think of children playing with toys on the table) will probably shorter its lifespan. Our experience is that the stickers remain ‘good’ for about 5 years on average, and afterwards it might be time for another sticker?

How do I apply the table sticker?

Prepare yourself! That’s the first step. Make sure the table(top) is degreased properly (use a surface cleaner or a different product that degreases, softly), because a sticker can simply not adhere properly on a greasy surface. Afterwards you can start.
The easiest way to apply the sticker is to first wet the surface well with, for example, a plant spray filled with water. Then you can stick the table sticker on the table top, bit by bit. It is important that you work from the centre outwards to prevent air bubbles. The excess water can be removed with a dry tea towel.


Do you have questions about the table stickers or your image? Our employees would love to help you. We however regularly get questions about our products and their possibilities. In our FAQ (frequently asked questions list) you will find the most frequently asked questions.

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