Styling your interior exactly the way you want is now possible with the customized wallpaper In the wine cellar!

This wallpaper In the wine cellar is easy to is easy to apply, both by the do-it-yourselfer and the experienced decorator. The wallpaper is produced in an environmentally friendly way and is also PVC free. This makes this type of wallpaper suitable for every (living) space.

What is the difference between pre-pasted and non-woven wallpaper?
  • The pre-pasted wallpaper has an adhesive layer on the back. The backside glue layer will be activated when it’s in contact with water (!). The wallpaper is then ready for use and can be directly pasted on the wall (self-adhesive wallpaper).

  • This type of wallpaper has a smooth finish and displays the colours and details very sharply.

  • Non-woven wallpaper comes in multiple textures. These textures are embedded in the wallpaper, and in addition to the beautiful image, also give an extra ‘unique’ accent to the wallpaper.

  • Moreover, this non-woven wallpaper can also be cleaned with a slightly (!) damp cloth. Which makes it ideal for rooms such as a kitchen, hall, bedroom, toilet, but also for the office.

  • The non-woven wallpaper is assembled by pasting the wall with wallpaper adhesive. Afterwards you paste the wallpaper against the wall.

Every wallpaper is custom made. This means you can indicate a lot yourself, such as width, length and even objects that ensure so it will not be a standard wallpaper.


We always produce the wallpaper with a extra margin of approx. 5 cm around. This means that any incorrect measurements and / or sloping walls can be accommodated, so that the wallpaper would be just too narrow or too short. Our advice is to always take a good look at where and how you start in order to avoid that the image is not exactly on it.

If you have specific wishes, you can of course contact us.

By default, if you choose the small panels option, the panels are cut to approx. 50 to approx. 65 cm, depending on the size of the image. This is an easy size to apply your wallpaper.

If you are an expert in applying wallpaper , it is also possible to choose wallpaper in large panels (from approx. 100 cm, depending on the size of the image). As a result, fewer seams are visible. Our advice is to always to apply the wallpaper with 2 people if you choose this option.

In your digital proof you will receive an indication of how the wallpaper panels are distributed. Since it is a custom product, every wallpaper is custom made.

If you want wallpaper with an extra margin per panel, you can mention this separately in your order.

We do not suggest this in our forms by default, because not everyone knows what it means. The expert will be able to apply this and knows how to handle it. In the order form for comments you can separately indicate “print wallpaper with extra 2 cm margin per panel”.


Do you have any specific question about our wallpaper? Our employees would love to help you. Or you can read our FAQ (frequently asked questions list) where you’ll find the most frequently asked questions.

You can contact us via phone or send an email to You can also chat online during working days and hours.