A nice decoration for the (play)room. With a wallpaper nature park you make the room very cosy.

This wallpaper nature park is contour cut in ‘bubble free’ vinyl. You can indicate the height measurement in cm’s. The width is then scaled in proportion.

Applying the sticker

It may speak for itself, but to be able to stick the sticker properly, a good, smooth and grease-free surface is needed. Otherwise the sticker can’t adhere and won’t stick. It is therefore always important to treat the surface well in beforehand. For this purpose you can use a so-called ‘surface cleaner’. This is a product to make the surface grease-free.
The sticker is easy to apply yourself, using a squeegee. A squeegee is a handy tool to help you apply the sticker. This allows you to smooth out the sticker and secure it on the surface.


Stickers can’t adhere to all surfaces. Before you start to affix a sticker, always check whether the surface is suitable. Before you apply a sticker, always read the appropriate adhesive instruction. The stickers only adhere to completely flat and properly pre-treated surfaces. YouPri is not liable for the adhesion on the surface and the improper pre-treatment and application of the stickers.

Extra information

You can also take a look at the FAQ (frequently asked questions) for more information.