A boring door and don’t want to paint it? Save yourself time and trouble, choose a customized door sticker!

Now you can decide what’s on your door. Whether it’s forest, jungle, beach or your own picture(!), the sky is the limit.

The door stickers of YouPri create the style you love in your living room, bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen or even the toilet! Our door stickers are of a high quality, easy to apply, scratch-resistant and weather proof. They are also produced in an environmentally friendly way! 

The benefits at a glance:

  • Determine the size of the door sticker yourself
  • Weather proof, so also for outdoor use
  • Very durable with an extra protection layer
  • Easy to apply!
Appropriate for interior and exterior
Laminated either matte or shiny
fill in your own measurements

Simply order your customized door sticker!

First measure the door (height and width). You can choose to give the door sticker an extra layer of protection, that way you can enjoy your door sticker even longer. 

The door sticker is printed with a margin. You can cut away the edges yourself. It’s best to do this with a sharp (new) knife.

Time to apply!

When the door sticker is delivered you will find an instruction included. We recommend to carefully see the application instructions in beforehand. 

With your own image(s)?

That’s possible too! As long as it is sharp enough. YouPri reviews your images for FREE.
Do you have a nice photo and are you looking for something special for your interior?
Let us know; our employees would gladly help you!


You can contact us by phone, mail or chat (daily Monday/Friday). Or check our FAQ page for frequently asked questions.

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