This is a must have for every (living) space, office or other business space. The roller blinds have a unique print and are handmade and personalized.

You can choose from both translucent and ‘blackout’ darkening material. The materials we use are environmentally friendly, PVC free and fire resistant!

Our darkening rollerblinds are available with double-sided prints. This means that if you don’t want the back of your rollerblind to be white, you can choose a roller blind that has the print on both sides! You can easily indicate this in the order menu.

Do you want something truly special?

Opt for a roller blind with your own image(s)! Even those are, when you choose for darkening material, available for double-sided printing.

One side and
double sided possible
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How do I measure

It’s very important to measure precisely, as it will be customized. Don’t forget to think about the way you want it to hang!

If you want it to hang ‘in the frame’ or ‘on the frame’. Indicate both the width and the height of the whole roller blind. This means, the roller blind with the mechanism included!
The mechanism (mounting brackets included), is approx. 3,5 cm. Indicate the measurements of your rollerblind after you chose your image. After that you can indicate your desired transparency for your roller blind.

How does the system look?

The system is off-white in color and has a chain that has a ‘metal look’. You can opt for a plastic bottom bar which the fabric is wrapped around or an aluminum bottom

Material specifications

The translucent fabric of the roller blind is 150 gr/m² thick and 100% polyester. The darkening fabric is 280 gr/m² thick and has a very high light reduction when the roller blind is mounted ‘on the frame’. If you mount it ‘in the frame’ light can still come in through the sides. It is therefore important to determine in advance how the roller blind should be attached.tent 

Digital proof

After you placed your order, you will always receive a FREE digital proof before your roller blind is produced.

Usefull facts…

on both sides? Then a double-sided roller blind might be your dream come true

With your own image(s)?

It’s possible! As long as it is sharp enough. YouPri reviews your images for FREE. Do you have a nice photo and are you looking for something special for your interior? Let us know; our employees would gladly help you!

More information?

You can contact us by phone daily during working hours or send a mail.

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