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Don’t you think your table deserves a ‘make over’?

You have a table that fits your home perfectly. You don’t actually need a new one … But you’re tired of the color? Now you can easily customize it with a table sticker of YouPri. You apply it on top of the tablet et voilà, the table looks like it’s new again!

You can choose from multiple designs in our webshop, but if you have a nice picture, then of course you can get it customized with your own image(s). If you want to be sure that the photo is of a high enough quality, you can send it to us via upload your own pictures. We always review your pictures for FREE.



The table sticker is made of special vinyl. It’s coated with a matte or shiny top layer that is also moisture-resistant and scratch-resistant* (when used appropriately). When ordering the table sticker, we always take a so-called margin into account. This is about 1 cm. You can cut it away with a sharp knife after applying the sticker.

The table sticker is made of a firm material and provided with a scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant layer. This way you can enjoy the beautiful print for a long time.

What do I have to pay attention to before applying?

A sticker doesn’t stick onto untreated wood.
A table top with grooves, grains or other irregularities is quite difficult to apply for ‘non-professionals’.

Applying the table sticker

Applying the table sticker isn’t difficult, but does take quite a lot of patience and preparation(!). Before sticking on the table sticker you need to make sure the surface area is smooth and grease free. This is important as it prevents the sticker from not properly sticking to the tabletop. You can watch the animation instruction how to paste the table sticker. We advise you to see it carefully before you start applying the sticker.

Other questions?

Let us know; Our employees would gladly help you. You can contact us via phone, by sending an email or chatting with us online.

With your own image(s)?

That’s possible too! As long as it is sharp enough. YouPri reviews your images for FREE.
Do you have a nice photo and are you looking for something special for your interior?
Let us know; our employees would gladly help you!

Adesivo da tavolo con immagini
either matte or shiny finish
also suitable for outdoor use
using your own sizes
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