Are you working, renovating or are you going to move soon?
Time for a new atmosphere in your house. Start by restyling your interior with a wallpaper produced by YouPri!

Whether you prefer a colorfull, modern, classic or minimalistic atmospher; there is always an unique wallpaper that just fits. Creativity knows no limits! In our extensive collection of wallpapers you might find your dream come true.

All the wallpaper is custom made. That means you can indicate the measurements yourself. We even take into account obstacles such as cabinets, benches and slanted walls that can obstruct the view of your wall. This way you get a wallpaper that is tailored. After all, every (living) space is special and with a wallpaper of YouPri you ensure that your interior gets the special eye-catcher it deserves!

Suitable for bedrooms
and any other (living) space
For both permanent and temporary applications.
Wallpaper to easily assemble with water or choose from multiple structures of non-woven wallpaper


Our non-woven wallpaper comes in multiple textures: from linen or brush panels to a leatherlook. There is something for everyone out there!
This non-woven wallpaper can be applied with wallpaper adhesive on the wall. This type of wallpaper can be cleaned with a (slightly) damp cloth.

Tile width

YouPri feels it’s imporant to let the customer decide on the tile width. When your panels are wider, the seams become less distinguishable. It is, however, very important to realise that wider panels need more experience as it’s a bit harder to manage.

If you choose wide panels, we advise you to ALWAYS assemble with two persons or to let a professional do it. We strongly dissuade attempting to do it by yourself (if you want wide panels).

Step 1

Choose an image. Indicate your desired size

Step 2

similpelle carta da parati
Decide on a texture

Step 3

Fotobehang bananen bladeren
Get started

How fast can I expect my wallpaper to arrive?

After you place your order you always receive a FREE digital proof. That ensures you get what you envisioned. Afterwards it’s a matter of patience ;). YouPri delivers the wallpaper in the fast delivery time of five to seven workdays.

With your own image(s)?

It’s possible! As long as it is sharp enough. YouPri reviews your images for FREE.
Do you have a nice photo and are you looking for something special for your interior? Let us know; our employees would gladly help you!

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