Order your unique roller blind

It’s very important to measure precisely, as it will be customized. Don’t forget to think about the way you want it to hang! If you want it to hang ‘in the day’ (between the frame) or ‘on the day’ (on top of the frame). Indicate both the width and the height of the whole roller blind.
This means, the roller blind with the mechanism included!
The mechanism (mounting brackets included), is approx. 3,5 cm. Indicate the measurements of your rollerblind after you chose your image. Afterwards you can indicate your desired transparency for your roller blind.

After you placed your order, you will always receive a FREE digital proof before your roller blind is produced.

Useful facts…

The translucent fabric of the roller blind is 150 gr/m² thick and 100% polyester. The darkening fabric is 280 gr/m² thick and has a very high light reduction when the roller blind is mounted ‘on the day’. If you mount it ‘in the day’ light can still come in through the sides. It is therefore important to determine in advance how the roller blind should be attached.

How does the system look?

The system is off-white in color and has a chain that has a ‘metal look’. You can opt for a plastic bottom bar which the fabric is wrapped around or an aluminum bottom bar.

Unique and very special

Do you want to enjoy the beautiful photo print on both sides? Then a double-sided roller blind might be your dream come true!

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